Covid 19

How has the pandemic affected our lives?

Because Dermot and I are retired, Covid 19 has had little affect on our everyday lives. We both have remained relatively healthy and avoided the virus so far. We look forward to getting the vaccine as soon as it becomes available to us. We are even more eager to receive the vaccine since the news of a new more contagious variant spreading around the world.

The only changes in our lies have been inconveniences – not serious changes. With restaurants closed we are unable to eat out as we like to do. However, there is pick up service and we have taken advantage of that a number of times. Libraries are currently closed but we are able to return books and pick up holds outside the library.

Retail stores were closed entirely from March to May or June but are now open with limited capacity. The same for Churches and other religious places of worship. I have not taken advantage of the opportunity to register for Mass but have participated digitally in several funeral services.

The biggest change in our lives has been the deaths of friends and our beloved Nemo this year. Derm lost good friends Clem and Carl Bodon as well as Carl’s wife, Anita.  Father John Walsh and Gerald Trudel passed away in November.  Gerald’s ex wife Lorna also died this year as did her partner Guy.

With the border closed to non-essential travel (Canada/US), Dermot and I think fondly of our trips to Vegas in past years. However, with his health being precarious, we are not sure if we would be able to travel there in the near future. The same with vacationing in Victoria and Tofino.

When I think about what my day looks like, it consists mostly of a daily walk or two, reading, writing, and quilting. Recently I had to give up playing Words with Friends since my IPad is not working properly. However, there are movies and series on my laptop that I am able to watch through Prime Video. So far, Dermot has watched only one movie with me.

We look forward to 2021 primarily for those who have struggled and/or suffered financially or through loneliness during this past year. Being in a long term care facility has been tremendously difficult for many. We recognize with gratitude our blessings in having a home in the country during this difficult past year.

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