If you were to ask Dermot if he had regrets in life, he would mention two: not enough travel and not learning music, especially how to play the piano.

His accident in 2011, when he smashed his ankle, has been a large deterrent to his travelling. In addition, the restrictions because of Covid 19 has added to the reasons he is now unable to travel. The third reason is his deteriorating health in which fatigue plays a large part.

With regard to music, Dermot has had a natural ability, but as a youth lacked the encouragement and resources to learn the techniques. As an adult, he has not taken the time to pursue this hobby.

However, he does appreciate music and one of his favourite poems about music was written by Plato.


Music is a moral law.

It gives soul to the universe,

Wings to the mind,

Flight to the imagination,

A charm to sadness,

Gaity and life to everything.

It is the essence of order

and lends to all that is good, just and beautiful


Question: Why has music been important to you?

Dermot: It takes my mind into a different space. It gives me a different rhythm in my life; a more balanced one. I have a natural rhythm anyway. Music is joyful like laughter; it gives pleasure.

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